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While many commercial firms are attempting to move existing business models to WiFi, many groups, communities, cities, and individuals have set up free WiFi
hotspots. These networks are often adopting a common peering agreement in order that networks can openly share with each other. Free WiFi network is considered the future of the internet.

Many municipalities have joined up with local community groups to assist in expanding free WiFi networks. Some community groups have even built their WiFi network entirely on volunteer efforts and donations.

Some smaller countries already provide free WiFi hotspots and residential WiFi broadband wireless internet access to householders. Even academic locations such as schools,
colleges, and universities have join the trend to provide free WiFi internet access to their students, visitors, and anyone on the campus. Similarly, fast food outlets and restaurants are following the trend and offering WiFi access.

Up until now, commercial WiFi providers have built free WiFi network around major city areas to attract more users. These provider hopes that free WiFi access would equate to more users and significant returns on investment.

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